Monday, July 16, 2012

Coin Rings

One of the bloggers I like went on a trip to Rome, and got the most amazing coin rings. They were so pretty, I instantly wanted one and made it a mission of mine to find one. Last month I went to the Greek Festival they have over in Santa Clara. I did find the rings there, but they were five hundred dollars, and I thought that was a little to much. I was so disappointed.

rings being dismantled

Well, when I was at the flea market the other weekend, I found two Tupperware filled with different coins from around the world. I knew that if I picked out different coins I could figure out the rest and make my own rings. Plus, they were cheep!! I paid $2 for 6 rings.

England and Germany

When I went to the craft store after coming home I found a nice 6 rings pack. The only problem was... well two.. was that the ring was curved and that it had metal trim that ran down the center and edges. I was able to break off the trim and took off the ring portion on the back. Then I hammered the ring flat so that the coin could attach easily.

Back and a Front

I glued the coin to the flat surface of the ring front. Then I re- attached the ring portion and the flat surface with some E-6000. It's my favorite super glue. After letting the rings dry, you're free to wear them. I gave a few away as gifts, so they would be perfect for a friends birthday of Holiday..


my Trinidad and Tobago ring
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