Monday, July 23, 2012

While on a walk <<+weekend treats>>

Had so much fun while I was out this past weekend. Maddie and I took to the Alameda and ventured into the neighborhoods.

The three of us had originally gone out for breakfast at Crema. But then he had to leave from there to a business trip.. and he just got back from a boys vacation. Maddie and I went for a walk, and of course my lens was attracted to everything. I might have gone a little photo happy, but oh well... it happens to the best of us.

Some highlights definitely included a delicious iced green tea chai that was made with the perfect ratio of flavors. Too many gorgeous flowers that I could seriously not get enough of. Vintage shopping and not having anyone tell you to hurry up PLUS a new chambray shirt- that didn't cost 100 dollars... I just couldn't spend that on a regular top. I also enjoyed heading to the used book store, and Maddie enjoyed sneaking peaks at the black cat, who was being so coy..
Maddie trying to look like a stuffed toy


I really was finding it hard to decide which book I liked best. Then I saw that the price was so cheap for either, I made the executive decision to get both. I am very eager to dive in to both of them. I think I'll keep the Kitchen Desk Reference close when I'm cooking. It offers great suggestions and FAQ- like if the recipe says " many grams of flour" I know that it equates to so many cups, very convenient. I always seem to stumble upon recipes that come from Britain, strange how that happens.



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