Thursday, August 2, 2012

A visit to the north

tank-Matty m, aztec skirt- Forever 21, sandals- Dolca Vita, rings- flea market, Bobbys class ring, Tiffany and Co, owl ring from Kitsch Couture

Near the end of the week, people at work begin to ask what my plans are for the weekend. This particular week... I was stumped? I really had no plans for the weekend, and so that meant that I was free to float like a feather in the wind to where ever my heart desired. On Sunday I thought it was good to suggest a daycation to somewhere new or somewhere we hadn’t been in a while. The beau suggested a trip to Berkeley, while my tummy longed for the little town of Tiburon.

Since we did get started rather early why not visit both! Berkeley was quiet and barely waking up by the time we got there. While driving through town I spotted a Bus lot flea market that looked intriguing. It was filled with the typical craft tents, random household knick-knacks and far too many homemade soap booths. I did find one little treat, a wooden ring with a real starfish secured under the enamel. I really haven’t taken it off since. We also checked out some of the local vintage shops we like along Telegraph, but it wasn't our day for a find and left empty-handed... although the lamps caught my eye..

Have you been to the little town of Tiburon before? It’s just a little seaside town north of San Francisco. Home to numerous delicious restaurants and gorgeous views of the Bay. A lighthouse marks its point from the shore to the sea. And from the sea, I imagine after the sun sets- twinkle lights dance along the shore from open windows and street lamps. After walking through town and along the water, we settled down in the grass and watched the sailboats go out and the sun duck behind the hills.

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