Wednesday, August 1, 2012

simply smile

One thing I like when I read other blogs, are the segments that share some of their favorite things at the moment. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere runs Five Things and Sam from Could I have That does Bits and Tips. My new little set of posts will be called "Simply Smile" and it will be a collection of things from my week that have a soft spot saved in my heart. Maybe a new treasure I find, or a snap shot from a fun evening with friends or a daycation. Maybe something incredible I ate or made... of maybe just a photo of the sunset or a bunch of my favorite flowers.

Either way, I hope the series of posts brings a smile to your heart and inspiration to your soul.

flower love

Found this gorgeous Buick in Los Gatos the other day. Reminded me of my papa, and how well he kept his Buick. I can remember tinkering in the garage while he shined up the rims with his homemade cleaner. "That'll make 'um sparkle"

new favorite scent
The sunset from my kitchen window

new obsession- frisbee golf

reusing old jam jars for small buds

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