Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I bought this Nesco jerky making kit for the beau a few years ago, I think? Needless to say we have never used it, until now. The other night we were both up late and randomly decided it would be a good idea to make dried fruit. The directions didn't have any advice, they only taught about meat jerky. So we just kind of winged it. It turned out quite well, the first time around we made peaches, apples and pears. My hunny even added some spice mixes on top for a little flavor. I think I bought this kit off of the Barnes and Noble website (of all places) it was around $80. I would recommend it to a friend, I suppose.

My parents have a lot of fruit trees in their yard. So the other night when we went over for my Dad's birthday, of course they tried to throw a bag of fruit in the back seat so we couldn't see. I swear my parents have even doorbell ditched their crops on neighbors door steps before (first-hand witness)

So when the end of summer rolls around, I know that with each visit to see my family I will not return empty handed. The problem is deciding what to do with all this extra produce. Do I can it?- no, I live in a high rise and don't have extra storage. Do I put it into a pie?- I have been on birthday overload and cant stand looking at another baked good... ok I lied, of course I could, I just don't really want to.  So that is where the jerky maker comes into play.

Our dried fruit came out better than expected... AKA- every piece was edible.
The second round came out even better. Since we both like dried fruit and it is such an easy snack, its a no brainer to keep this in stock in our kitchen. Plus we can load it up right before bed and after only seven hours (a great nights sleep) it's ready to eat!! I have a feeling #driedfruit will be trending in our kitchen for a while.



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