Friday, August 3, 2012

The definition of exercise

I don’t try to be a know it all,
but I’m sure I come across like one to some people… on some occasions. J But, it really isn’t the worst thing in the world- especially if you’re giving sound advice and genuinely trying to help someone. I love to learn things from people. Especially if it’s in an area that I’m not too familiar with.

I actually enjoy reading about new health studies and reviews of products that are new to the market. So when I come across something that would be good for my readers, I always pay it forward. That’s how I felt about this mini article I found in Shape Magazine.

For someone just starting their workout journey or trying a new exercise style , it can be a little intimidating being in a new environment. The fitness lingo can be hard to understand… and when someone is trying to give you instructions but really all you hear is Swahili, obviously there is some kind of communication disconnect. Below are some of the common terms that every fitness enthusiast should know.

So study up!! And show your trainer, friends or significant other that you know what’s up when it comes to your workout.

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