Wednesday, August 8, 2012

boys blokes and gentlemen

I find myself lately, looking more closely at men's clothing. I used to think that it was women's fashion that was so diverse and men's was the "cookie cutter style."  But now that I do most of my boyfriend's shopping, I have found that they're much more unique. The common pieces- tees, shorts, shirts, and pants, have really gotten a face lift from the popular street designers now-a-days. and I like what I see on the shelves.

Like myself, my boyfriend has different style personalities. Depending on his mood, will determine his look for the day. Sometimes it's a casual, running errands kinda day. Or sometimes it's a friend or family backyard BBq kinda of event, where you need to look a little more put together. Either way it's a good idea that your guy looks sharp... after all he is your arm candy, right?

Here's a few looks I have been crushing on lately for my guy.
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