Friday, November 9, 2012

get you weeked on


"instead of worrying so much about leaving a better planet for our children, we should focus on leaving better children to take care of our planet"

just thought I'd share this- I heard it the other day and it really hit home. I am a huge advocate for leaving a healthy planet for our future, but if we don't teach the youth of today about conservation then the planet will suffer regardless. and, on to another pick- me- up, the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is here!!  So this weekend your only homework is to shop.. shop... SHOP

On Sunday I will be going with my hunny to his first Niners game, even though he has been a die hard fan since he was a little boy. I got the ticket as a surprise for him and I hope they win!! Keep up with me on instagram to see what trouble we get into at the game on Sunday!! @devonfoster

boots 129 :: glasses 69.90 :: hinged bracelet 34.80 :: wrap 36.90 :: sparkle bracelet 86.98 :: bag 46.80 :: stacked bracelets 22.80
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