Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Black and Brown ♥

Oh Black and Brown, how I love thee. This store is one of the best local vintage places you'll find in the South Bay.. I even know people from the City who make special trips to San Jose just for this shopping experience. They always offer a wide selection of all the current styles. Plus designer pieces and a great shoe collection. All the staff are super awesome!! You should go in and shop around.
{{I'm a bad influence}} They used to be located in a "under the stair" kind of shop over off of San Carlos, but moved to a larger venue on the Alameda. I feel like this is the new up and coming spot. For people who want to stay out late and skip the bar/club scene.. folks who just want to chill.

These are just a few finds I picked up recently. The top is Rory Beca, super good find, price and I love the green. The arrow necklace was picked up at a shop in Encinitas, near San Diego- I dont remember the name. And the earrings were a last minute chance as I was getting everything rung up the other night at the shop.
Lucky me

 all photos are courtesy of my man, Bobby Menbari.

 hippie braid
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