Tuesday, November 20, 2012

stripes and natives

Thanksgiving is this week, I can't believe it. I have already bought all the needed items for Thanksgiving number one with my Boyfriend's family on Wednesday night. I am in charge of the desserts, no surprise there. It is my favorite thing to bring to any party. Maddie and I played around with the camera and I tried on possible Turkey Day outfits. A new top from JCrew that I got this past weekend, I am so addicted to stripes right now. I was out shopping with my sister. {We got matching tops}  That often used to be the case when we were younger. A family vacation was always cemented with my sister and I getting new matching outfits... I still find some comfort in it, maybe for the memories. The turquoise jewelery is worn to represent something the Native Americans might have had. I also have my arrow necklace on in memory of the events at Thanksgiving and leaf earrings to remember nature. Maddie, just in the tu-tu that I made for her.

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