Friday, March 23, 2012

enjoy a free weekend

Sorry, if the title led you to believe that I was going to pay to send you on an all exclusive weekend getaway to Cancun, Mexico.... My pockets aren't that deep. :(

But I am willing to supply you with a fabulous list of FREE and ALMOST FREE activities for you to do this weekend. Sometimes its nice to spend money and splurge on yourself with dinner or traveling or extra fun activities.... but I understand that not everyone has the same budget and sitting at home on the couch is only so- so fun (well to me anyway). I decided to share seven because the number rhymes with my name.  So, in light of the weekend coming up, and hopefully you have some free time, try out some of the activities and see how far you can stretch your dollar.

1. check out some uncovered art galleries or museums in your area. Most of them are free when they have gallery openings and they even offer hour de overs and wine that is complimentary. So try out your more sophisticated side.
2. Make dinner together, instead of going out to eat. Yes, you will have to pay for the groceries but it will be a lot less than having the same meal out at a restaurant. Roast up some veggies on the grill and grab some steaks from the store. Serve with some Salsa Verde and a Corona, Olé!! you have a meal for 2 for under $25

3.Go out with friends for Karaoke night at your local bar. You don't have to even get drunk to enjoy it. All the people on the stage making fools of themselves, is enough entertainment.
4. Enjoy a nice opposite date. Go out for a nice coffee and pastry with your friends or lover. Then enjoy a nice matinee movie (which is close to half the price of an evening showing). I'm going to see the Hunger Games this weekend and I think breakfast at this fun joint.

5.  Invite some friends over for a board game and a few drinks. I love the line of wines from Trader Joes, they each have a different abstract animal on the label. My favorite is the 2009 La Granja 360 Cariñena Tempranillo/Garnacha. Its only $4.99 a bottle- a nice upgrade from the usual "2 Buck Chuck." Grab a few and a twister mat and you have a fun night ahead of you.

Grab a couple of sandwiches from your favorite shop and head out on a walk to the closest park. Enjoy a picnic and a nap in the sunshine. A nostalgic bonus would be if they had a great playground nearby... How high can you swing?

7. Check out your local community calendar to see what fun events are coming up that you might be interested in. A lot of festivals are starting to pop up in my area because we're going into the warmer weather... well it is California, we think 50 degrees is freezing!
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