Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The infamous green drink, perhaps you've heard of it?

Whats your opinion on multi vitamins?

Some people think that your body doesn't absorb the nutrients and you just end up wasting it out. Some people believe that you should take certain ones at certain times and they are the all seeing super power. I think it is important to get your daily intake.. but I'm not sure that a pill is the right way.. So my boyfriend has introduced me to this smoothie that he has every morning.. the Almond milk in the picture below is going to be used next week when he experiments with a new recipe.

In the picture are some of his main ingredients, feel free to add or subtract what you like. But if you begin with this recipe as a base it is a good start.
Nutritional Information

Frozen fruit- 3/4 cup 80 cals 15 g Carbs
Orange Juice- 16 0z 240 cal 52 g Carbs
Coconut H2O- 8oz 43 cals  11 g Carbs
Green Powder- 6 T 120 cal 12 g Carbs
Chia Seeds- 4 Tbsp 260 cal 20 g Carbs

 (743 cals & 110 g Carbs) / 8 oz glass = 5 servings :) it'll last you all week!! only 185 cals and 24 g Carbs... not bad for your daily intake of complete whole vitamins and...
Extra vitamin C for an immunity boost,
Chia seeds for hunger control,
Antioxidants from the berries that keep you focused,
Extra hydration and potassium from the coconut water great for first thing in the A.M.
*For complete nutritional information on the green powder
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