Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I like Juice, but not this much..

A lot of my friends having been on a "cleansing" kick lately and I have been supporting them (because that's what good friends do, right?) But then I got to thinking... and I am all about health... what if this isn't the healthiest way to detox your body? A lot of celebrities talk about the benefits of a good cleanse and brag about their personal favorites. After I did a little research here here and here I came to the conclusion that it's not as good as it sounds. How can dizziness, cramping and headaches (plus a million other symptoms) be signs that your body is performing well while on the cleanse?

I think that this plan stems from the same ideas people have about Fad Diets- They are just looking for a quick fix without putting in the work ( truthfully, I have been that person before) ;But you get out what you put in. The human body does operate like a machine and it is designed to breakdown food for fuel. So with-holding food from it is completely going against evolution. If you really do want to cleanse your body from all of the unhealthy food you've been eating lately- why don't you start with good food. I suggest (** I am not a registered dietitian- but I do a lot of research about healthy eating.) starting with this healthier detox plan.

Lowering your daily calorie intake- about 1500 for Women 1700 for Men depending on daily athletics.
Eat your vegetables raw- The longer food is cooked, the more nutrients and vitamins are cooked out, so swap in some raw veggies to harness all the goodness. If you steam your veggies you can still get the nutrients- and in some cases its assists your system with breaking down the food. sources here and here
Stick with lean white proteins- White fish, like Talaplia or Mahi Mahi. White meat, like chicken or Turkey. Or Soy, Whey or Tofu.
Cut out Startches and processed Carbs- Both are considered an inflammatory, so do your digestive system a break and try to limit your intake.
Watch the Fruit- Even though they're good for you, fruit is loaded with sugar and it just spikes your blood sugar when you ingest it.
Remember when your shopping at the store- stay close to the outer edge of the market to make sure that you are only picking up fresh ingredients, not boxed processed items.

If you are thinking of trying out this new fad, I really would suggest doing your homework first! And I don't mean a search on google of "benefits of a juice cleanse".. If you're too lazy to do your research, check out the article I have attached from Womens Health. It will give you some solid facts about a juice cleanse, and then you can decided if it's still the road you want to take to "healthy living".

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