Wednesday, March 28, 2012

fond memories...

I'm beginning to think that I'll never see the sun again... everyday since this it has been raining or it has looked like it wants to rain. The clouds have taken over the sky with their dreary color and strong winds. Not that I'm complaining, I love a good rain storm, but I am a little scared that when the sun does come out I wont be prepared and I'll have to hide away like a little mole. (the animal, not the facial deformity)

Looking through my queue I decided that it is perfect timing to post this lovely collection of my fun day in Capitola. We have friends that moved their a few months ago, we do miss them, but when we get the chance to go visit- it's totally a treat. Day cations are nice when you know you can go away from home, but still have the option to stay over night. That's the upside to going to see friends, a free place to sleep!! Maybe you should check your social calendar and see who might need a visit :)

We drove over and had lunch at this great sushi restaurant. It really does its due diligence when it comes to the fish they serve. They don't serve fish with high levels of Mercury (healthy) and they don't serve fish that is on the watch list for population endangerment (ecological). After lunch we treated ourselves to a delicious ice cream and waffle cone. I haven't had one in years, because I normally stick to frozen yogurt. It sounds so cliche, but we enjoyed the sunset while walking along the beach eating our ice cream cones- but isn't that what a beach day is all about?


Gor-Gor, their social cat

sweet sake

cute teapot collections, lined the walls

ice cream... what a treat!
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