Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something Sweet

You gotta love it...

The crispy, flakey, gooey, nutty goodness of Baklava... Have you tried it before? I was actually surprised that when I offered to share some with my friends, they had never tried it {some had never heard of it}?? I guess that my up-bringing was a little different than most. Let’s just say that my parents are very universal when it comes to the dishes they prepare and the restaurants they dine at. I think by the time I was five, my palate was more advanced than most- even more so than adults today. I can remember at my 8th birthday requesting Filet and Lobster Tails for my special dinner- I nanny for a nine year old and she begs me for Macaroni and Cheese. I grew up eating polenta, every vegetable known to man, I never shied away from seafood and I regularly had tea, crumpets and half a grapefruit for breakfast (my English Nana knew best). I thank my parents constantly for providing a household where I always had the opportunity to try new things. Today, as an adult, I have a better understanding of what tastes go well together and I am never shy to try a new dish- what's even better is that I primarily love every new item I try!! And the credit goes back to my parents, who never gave up and just gave me fish sticks instead... <3

Ok back to the food (sorry for that heartfelt insert, my fingers just wouldn't stop typing!!)

So my Baklava turned out to be a combination of a few recipes online, but I liked the family recipe from the Orgasmic Chef. I started with this as a base and then added my own touches. I made a graham cracker/almond crust for the bottom. Then I alternated walnuts, pistachios, and 4/5 layers of phyllo dough.

I made the sugar/honey mixture. But instead of coating the dessert after it baked, I did it before and then covered the top in ground pistachios and walnuts. Then I baked it and drizzled honey as I served it. Feel free to add or subtract what you like- I don’t think I have ever followed a recipe exactly... well except Red Velvet Cake. That you can't substitute, because it doesn’t come out right.

So if you have never had Baklava, and you are looking for a yummy recipe to try, the one I featured is delicious. Or you can just show off your culinary skills to friends and get them to broaden their palate ... Either way you can't go wrong.

 Enjoy <3
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