Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Dress, Old Girl

It's been raining here a lot lately. Which I really cant complain, because I love the rain. I love the way little droplets form on your windows, I love the smell after it first gets the pavement wet and I love walking with rain boots on and the feeling of the light sprinkles on your eye lashes. Even though I'm a born a raised California girl, I cant help but find comfort when it rains. 
For dinner last night my hunny made some yummy soup, which is always the best dish for a rainy evening.

I had these outfit shots sitting in my queue for a while, looking at them and remembering my weekends filled with sunshine is a nice change from the current view out my window. A walk, like the ones pictured below, is definitely on my agenda this weekend- even if I do have to wear a rain coat and boots. :)

xx ciao

dress- Forever 21, shoes- Sam Edelman. glasses-Dior, bag- Marc MJ

Marcs back!! oh how I missed him.

Mademoiselle and I

Fun garden art

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