Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quirky in Berkeley

Do you like the picture with my new boyfriend, isn't he cute? I found him on the side of a building, just waiting for me.. love at first sight.
I went on another day-cation the other day to good old Berkeley California. Home to the overly passionate environmentalists, hippies smokin' illegal things and of course the famous Cal Bears.

Well, it didn't start as a day-cation- I was up there because I had a rolfing appointment. Whats that you ask? read about it here. Basically it is a type of aggressive massage that helps the connective tissue release and realign the rest of your skeletal and muscular system. I had been having some pain in my right shoulder and hip and I found out that it was because 5 of my ribs were out of alignment and it was causing the tissue to tense up and that was causing my distress. After my painful but fabulous massage I treated myself to lunch and a walk around downtown.
YUM!! <3

Downtown ( I almost got run over taking this shot)

new hydration treat for myself from Lululemon

hi : )

new slouchy knee high boots from Nordstrom

dress- Forever 21, necklace- Hand made, watch- Michael Kors, ring- vintage from Vancouver, Canada
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