Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love at the Beach

I love a good beach day. Whether the sun is shining or the day is overcast... I love visiting. I feel like I belong at the Ocean., maybe I was a seahorse in another life? A trip to the Beach is a great, inexpensive way to spend your afternoon. You can bring a frisbee or football and get a game going, or you can take a stroll by the water and collect various objects... just make sure to ask Mother Nature if it's ok before you take them home. I love collecting seashells when I go to the beach. Each is so unique. I also love to build sand castles when I visit, I know it is such a childish thing to do... but my creative side comes out and I cant stop it.
So with the warm weather coming up, a beach day is a perfect activity. You can pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it with your toes in the sand. Or bring a good book, lather up the sunscreen and enjoy laying in the sun.

These shots were taken when we took our anniversary trip to San Luis Obispo for the weekend. While we were walking along the beach we saw to amazing creations. One person built a buried city in a sand hole... I thought I was looking at the lost city of Atlantis. Another person collected very large shells and put them into a peace sign pattern, simple but memorable. I thought I had uploaded the shots, but I guess not- dang it!!

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