Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do you know what today IS??

It's April 5th, just in case you were wondering
 OH, and what else you ask.... it's my birthday!!

birthdays are a time for fun, surprises and sweets... that's my motto. This year is no different and last week a shared a fun birthday list of some secret wishes for my special day. (I already opened my new wallet and a new phone). But then I got to thinking that I probably shouldn't ask for anything... Everyone on Twitter has been using the new hash tag- #first world problems* and it's starting to get to me, because the things that people complain about in this country is disgusting. Have you ever looked outside your pretentious bubble and opened your eyes to the world around you... I mean the entire world?! Sorry about my rant... it's my birthday- so I'm using that as an excuse.

My message to you is be thankful for what you have.... like really thankful (even for the small stuff)

This is what I truly want, and have, for my birthday.

::perfect weather, everyday... hello I live in California
:: my healthy family
::cakes and sweets... and dark chocolate chips
::puppy kisses
::time reading magazines, my kindle and watching old home movies
::my job, my friends, and nice strangers I meet everyday
::spending Sunday mornings in bed
::waking up next to someone who makes me feel special, happy, appreciated and loved

* people write things like "my wife is sitting on the floor in our brand new house, crying because only the love seat was delivered and not the sofa too" or "I had to wear a winter coat out to the bars because it's cold, now I have to hold it all night" or my personal favorite "Someone didn't refill the Brita Pitcher, now I have to wait 30 seconds for water." Its embarrassing that people make jokes about this kinda stuff.

picture 1,2.

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