Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'll tell Tupac you say Hi :)

Coachella starts tomorrow and I am so excited. We drove all night last night, or what felt like all night, and got to our hotel in Palm Springs late. Ah, my last little bit of luxury before the camping shenanigans begin. We are camping with 12 other cars, so we are now referring to ourselves as Coachella Village. Camping is a great alternative to a hotel, and it is more cost effective. For $375 it paid for my 3 day tickets and camping spot. Most hotels in that area are going for 80 bucks a night, minimum, and you still have to pay for your concert tickets. I do have the upper hand because all the people I am going with are veterans and can help me learn the ropes... like the best time to get the shortest shower lines and the best locations for keeping cool.
(its supposed to be 102 everyday)
I made sure to plan meals throughout the trip so I don't get stuck with junk food for the concessions."If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail"- a great quote about the importance of meal planning... or whatever else you make of it. I stocked up at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and made sure to bring plenty of water.. as you know I drink like a camel. This past weekend I went with friends to the Berryessa Flea Market and shopped for inexpensive Coachella items. Instead, I found two lace tops for only $20... winner winner chicken dinner!!

If your going to Coachella this weekend, I hope you have a fantastic time... If you're not, then maybe you can download some of the artists and jam out at your own home version Coachella Party. Or for the downers out there,, keep telling yourself that Coachella isn't worth going to.
 I pulled together some of the trending outfits for Coach that I have been seeing different celebrities/people wearing. What are some of the popular outfit choices you choose for music festivals? Are you a fringe and shorts kinda person... or a maxi dress and headband kinda person... or a rocker tee and moto boot kinda person.

maybe I'll see ya there... ciao xx

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