Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Festival Pictures

I'm back from the surface of the sun... with a pretty good tan I must say.
The artists at Coachella were AMAZING, every performance was creative, energetic and loud- just the way a concert should be. Some of my favorites were Beirut, Childish Gambino, Santigold, Radiohead, Dre/Snoop {{duh}} but my favorite was Bon Ivar... my boyfriend really likes them but I never really got into them... until I heard them live. The heat was HOT!!! 110 every day and literally no breeze, yes it was like death. My feet swelled to the size of watermelons and I felt like a penguin walking around from stage to stage... other than that there weren't any other surprises. It was nice, after the sun set it would cool down to about 70 and we would head to the main stage, roll out our blanket and just chill under the stars and watched the show... my guy even danced with me [[which doesn't normally happen, unless on a cruise ;) ]] I didn't get to see Florence and the Machine because we spontaneously decided to go on the Farris wheel, I was a little scared. So, I can honestly say that I will go to Coachella again...but I am NEVER camping there. I will stay in a hotel, spend the day at the pool and then go to the venue in the evening. Here are some of my snapshots from the weekend, mostly just things that made me happy.  Hopefully you can live vicariously through them. :)
An amazing art sculpture, that I wanted to take home with me

the farris wheel

kettle korn, I've been craving it for weeks

a dream catcher in body paint c/o my friend Samantha

The sculpture at night


festival grounds

Ya, we had our own DJ in our tent village- we WERE the after party

The Main Stage

the view from the farris wheel up top

me watching Flying Lotus

"shes got a ticket to ri-ide"
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