Friday, April 13, 2012

tHE j TO MY cREW ♥

I don't get out to the mall that often.

So, I usually will browse some of my favorite spots online and pick out pieces before I go to the store. That way I have a little game plan and don't waste too much time... and I have already picked out the things that I like so I don't waste money on non- essentials/ impulses.

My shopping tips
1. Shop when the mall is empty- I like to go early in the morning, that way all the displays are still intact and everything is still in size order from the night before. Plus all the employees are willing to help you and can give you a "personal shopping" experience, since the store is still relatively empty.
2. Wear a figure hugging tank top- I really hate dealing with dressing rooms, so much so that I usually buy the item first and try it on at home later. But, most places have great floor length mirrors stashed around the store. If you wear an undershirt you can try on shirts/sweaters/dresses right on the store floor and save time standing in line for a room. great for vintage shopping at flea markets too
3. Ask for your receipts at the register and keep them close- I love my debit card because it makes everything so easy- security, less bulk than cash and everywhere accepts them. The only thing that is a problem is that I am not always aware of how much I'm spending because everything is electronic. So, if I keep my receipts in my pocket instead of the bags I can easily track my spending and not have a heart attack when I log on to my online banking.
4. Love at first sight isn't always true love- When the occasional impulse item comes up, I never purchase it right then and there. If I find something that isn't on my shopping list but does catch my eye I always put it on hold, then I continue my shopping trip. If I am still thinking about it when I finish my other shopping, I know that it's for real and I'll go back and buy it. If I feel too lazy to walk back to the store or the item has left my brain, I know to walk away.
5. Buy quality for classic pieces- I understand that people are on a budget and cant always spend money on the best designed duds. If I know I am looking for a trendy item- like floral jeans- I probably wont spend the money because I know that next season they'll be out and I'll end up donating them. But, if I am buying a fashion staple- like a blazer- I'll spend the money for higher quality, because I know that I will be keeping it for years.
After peeping at the J Crew website I have pulled some looks that I would like to wear for the upcoming sunny seasons. The front page on their site even says that I should steal some of their looks, and steal I shall.

Happy Friday the 13th :) xx
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