Monday, April 16, 2012

Just in Case..

I dont think I have ever told you... but you can follow me if you like? I have a Facebook, like everyone, a Twitter and an Instagram- because I just got a new HTC for my birthday and Instagram is now available for it. I feel weird asking people to follow me... but if you are interested I'll pass along the information to you.

Facebook- Devon Foster ( I think I'm on the third page?)
Twitter- @devonnfosterr
Instagram- devonfoster

I usually post my blog posts to my sites right after I upload them. So, at least you'll be updated with each new one. Plus, I post fun pictures or say funny things (well, I think they're funny) on each so I think I could entertain you that way. Lol.

maybe you're interested... maybe not... I'm just putting it out there.
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