Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Playing dress up is really fun...
especially when you get to dress up your life size Barbie- a.k.a. your younger sister.
Kendal has put up with me a lot over the years, and she still talks to me. That's when you know it's love.

This was a fun shoot with our hawt new matching vests that we got from Mom <3 from the fabulous Neiman Marcus collaboration with Target. I like taking pictures of outfits better than being in them. Maybe this will be the start to a new collaboration between my sister and I??

It's true, she has been my best friend since before she was born, and I'm thankful everyday for her. Even when I was youger; I was thankful for her on long car rides, I was thankful for her when we were out of school for break, I was thankful for her at visits to Grandma's house, I was thankful for her at fancy restaurants and I was thankful for her during quiet time... even if I didn't always know it.

I really love my baby sister.
You should tell that person in your life, how thankful you are to have them.

<3 ciao xo

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