Friday, January 18, 2013

recap snaps

needless to say, visiting Las Vegas was definitely f.u.n. 

The C.E.S. show was fantastic and a little overwhelming. I saw so many cool things from new iPad reading appliances to  TVs with color so rich you'd swear it was right in front of you. It was amazing and I would want to go again for sure.

We went out to Julian Serrano Tapas bar on Friday night, and the food was so flavorful. Each dish was so pretty and delicate and everything tasted delicious. My favorite dishes were the roasted paqillo peppers and  the stuffed dates- the cheese was so smooth and sweet.

The next morning we went to The Hash House because I loved my experience at the one in San Deigo. Well the food was good but the servers all wear insane costumes/ outfits and that stole the show. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the Strip and checking out the amazing crystal chandeler at the Cosmopolatin Hotel. It is stunning.

After a quick flight home on Saturday night, I was home snuggeling with Maddie by 10:00, call it a night..

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