Thursday, January 3, 2013

sushi date

sweater- Banan Republic :: pants- BDG urban outfitters :: shoes- Sam Edelman :: scarf- DIY 
bag- Marc Jacobs :: watch- Michael Kors :: bracelets- (nail) Ibiss Boutique, (chevron) thrifted,
(gold bangels) art show

The other (extremley) cold night, I had a craving for Sushi. This is not uncommon for me.. I often crave things opposite from what the weather is telling me. Insert frozen yogurt on a chilly night here. So as nice as my boyfriend is and to humor me, we went.

TGIsushi is extremely delicious and one of our favorite joints in the area. They offer an authentic Japanese sushi experience but still give in to the Americans the their special rolls. I like to make my own when I go in, my guy gets the Geisha roll. And we always order hand rolls, it's how we set the bar for sushi places. Check them out if you're in the Campbell area.

The scarf I'm wearing, is one that I made and I love the print on the fabric. Learning to sew is such a valuable skill, it saves me money because I don't have to go to a tailor. It's also fun to make your own clothing. Usually I create my own ideas... and sometimes they turn out great and other times- not so much.. In my arm party I am featuring my new Nail bracelet form Ibiss Boutique in Willow Glen, such a cute shop and the nicest girls work there. They offer a variety of current trends and everything is affordable!

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