Tuesday, January 29, 2013

while on a walk

Miss Maddie

The other morning Maddie reminded us that we owed her a walk. As you can tell it has been really cold here lately, so Maddie didn't mind her sweater that much. Despite the cold weather we still managed to pick up some Bubbies Mochi from the shop in Japantown. As I told you here, I love cold food during cold weather- I'm backwards. I love that San Jose has so many choices when it comes to ethnic food- in fact I think it has a pretty good variety overall. If I had to choose best Sushi it would be here and if I would have to say best Ethiopian food would be this restaurant. I think best Indian Food would be here and my favorite Hawaiian food stop is this place and this one is a close second. Im thinking of writing a "best of".. what do you think?

chilly mornings

the perfect blush

the texture is what caught my eye..

big dog

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