Thursday, January 19, 2012

Craving for Coachella

I'm an organizer, I like to plan things- vacations, parties, even my daily activities. I have lists for everything in my phone, it might even be a little obnoxious sometimes. BUT oh well, if that's what works for me then I'm stickin' to it.
Well, the other night at a friend's birthday everyone was talking about the upcoming Coachella concert in Indio, Ca. I'm so excited to be going, this will be my first huge music festival and I hope I get to hear all my favorite artists.

So as everyone is talking about the trip I just keep thinking of all the cool clothes I want to bring and how I will even allow my 'inner hippie' to come out. I love the drapey fabrics, the loud colors and prints, the headbands, big earrings and even the fringe. Coachella seems like its the perfect place to dress how I like and not worry if anyone is judging my appearance.
I pulled together a little collection of some pieces that I want for Coach this year- If you have any other good ideas or tips that I might need, feel free to share. :) Click on the picture if you need a better look.

1. Lauren Moshi bag- perfect compartments for water, gum, sharpie for autographs, and room for a sweater in case it gets chilly in the evenings.
2. Heart Sunglasses- just for fun I thought I'd switch up the shape of my glasses for this concert. Peace and Love baby.
3. Backstage AM to PM dress- I fell in love with the color- and the length and style are perfect for a hot day in the desert.
4. Free People sandals- OK, just look at them. They scream ultimate hip summer sandal!
5. Cut Off Cords- Great color that will go with everything, and the unfinished hem is perfect rocker chic.
6. Vintage White Blouse- This top is right in line with my style, the delicate embroidery and simple design adds a girly touch with whatever you pair it with.
7. Feather Earrings- I saw Vanessa Hudgens wearing them and she is a boho babe- a must for Coachella.
8. Nail Polish- Essie has some great colors for spring. Fashion mags are saying its all about nudes and pastels for Spring, so that is what I'll be packing.
9. Misc Tee shirts- I live in tanks and tees in the summer so I will be bringing a wide range of hues so I can pick what I feel like each morning.
10. Chaser LA Beastie Boys Tee- Chaser makes a ton of vintage-y rock tees- I just like the Beastie Boys' new album so I picked this one.
11. RUNWAYDREAMZ Vintage Dyed Studded Short - Just too cool to pass up.
12. Hair Cuff- I love pony tails and this looked like the perfect accessory to dress up my usual 'do.
13. Cynthia Vincent Dress- This is the perfect flowy Maxi dress, and best of all it's not too long so you don't have to worry about people stepping on it.
14. Mulberry Satchel- a cute crossbody bag that's small enough for moshpitts but big enough to store all your goodies.
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