Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey Yoga Girl... I just want to know your world....

                         Standing Bow Pulling Pose
                                         taken by my boyfriend

As I've told you here and here I really love Yoga.

There are so many health benefits a person receives from a session, and I don't think that people truly understand them. Yoga has helped people overcome numerous injuries, which doctors and physical therapists said would never happen. It helps with your digestion, your immune system, and skeletal system. People have also been able to treat reproductive and respiratory issues. You can read more in depth about other ways yoga has helped others overcome their own health problems.

I have practiced at a few studios around the Bay Area ( I stick to Bikram so that does limit me a little) There are things that I like and dis-like about the ones I have visited.

This is my new tank that I get to wear to class tonight (excited)- Lululemon Run you Heart Out Tank

Los Gatos Yoga Source- Well, they just moved to a bigger studio and I have yet to go and check out the new facilities Bad Devon. They have another studio that is located in Palo Alto and some of the teachers flip back and forth between locations. Some of the specific amenities that I LOVE are their; hardwood floors (very sanitary), their eclectic decorations (too cute), their complimentary hand towels (because sometimes you're forgetful) but best of all they have a fabulous boutique inside- featuring all the best yoga brands (ex- lululemon, yogitoes, pink lotus) I also think the Bikram classes are nice for beginning your practice- they open the door for venting and don't keep the room as humid.

Balance Yoga Center- This studio is owned by Mike, who is the most by the book instructor I have ever met. No, If you think you'll get away with an incorrect posture- he'll find you and have you re do it in front of him. Which is great because it really helps you learn the moves correctly. The room is not kept very hot, so again, it's a good class for someone who cant take the heat, no pun intended. Everything in the studio is brand new and up to every yogi's standards.

Bikram Yoga Santa Clara- This studio is only 8 minutes from my house and was a blessing when I stumbled on it through groupon. This studio has been my primary studio for the past 6 months. They only offer Bikram and it is the studio in the area, that follows the specifications most closely. They have great heat and humidity, lots of mirrors and all the teachers will be sure to help you correct a pose. They don't open the door or windows which while your reading probably sounds horrible but it's actually the reason I love it so much!! They do need to rip out the carpet and install new flooring, but that is my only complaint.

The title of my post comes from this YouTube video-it is so funny, I watched it this weekend and died of laughter. The group has another video titled "Whole Foods Parking Lot" which is also very funny!!

Check out the Yoga Girl or Whole Foods Parking Lot for a good Tuesday laugh.

Even though I mostly practice Bikram- I do know about other types of practices. Email me or leave it in the comments if you have more questions about anything yoga or if you want to brag about yourself a little.. :)
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