Wednesday, January 11, 2012

San Pedro Square Market


As you can see from the first pictures, San Jose has changed quite a bit since it’s early years. Back in the early 1960’s, downtown was a bustling community with all of the staple department stores; JC Pennys, Sears, Harts, independent family owned businesses and numerous large hotel chains.

Unfortunately, when Valley Fair opened in 1956 it started to pull business and shops from the downtown district and it got slower and quieter. Now, the City has invested in bringing it back to life with the help of popular new restaurants (PF Changs, Billy Berks, Mezcal, and Phillz Coffee- just to name a few). The popularity of the Sharks can also be credited as a major influence to the returning nightlife, or any event taking place at HP Pavilion for that matter. And lets not forget the SF 49ers will be moving in close proximity starting 2013. The other week when we were watching the game at home, I had to pick up take-out and it took me 30 minutes just to drive 1.5 miles, traffic and pedestrians EVERYWHERE!  But I’m happy, I want downtown to prosper and grow and bring new life.

I am in LOVE with one of the new attractions that just opened up in downtown San Jose. The Public Market of San Pedro Square project was completed in October of 2011, and slowly but surely new businesses and restaurants have opened their doors one by one. When I visited Pikes Place in Seattle for the first time, I instantly loved it, now every time we visit that city its a staple visit. I like the open air farmers market, the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, the colorful bunches of flowers and all the tasty treats.

The San Pedro Square Market will have the same vibe once its filled and busy, but it takes time to grow something successful (trust me, it will be). This place is prime real estate, everyone I know loves the restaurants and bars on San Pedro Square at anytime of day- they already have a full farmers market on Fridays, running April - December. When the two join forces this coming spring, I see nothing but success.

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