Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What do you do when you aren’t expecting company and you have nothing to serve…

So the other night we were just hanging out at home and the bf tells me that some friends were coming over to watch the UFC fight. He told them that they needed to bring stuff.. but in guys’ minds that means beer? Which wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that I literally had nothing in the house to feed anyone. Good thing one gf brought some yummy snacks to share, but there were 14 of them.. So let me tell you a great idea to make this an effortless transition to a “happy tummy” situation.

The cake mixes in the baking section are a wonderful thing to have on hand.. and the best part is they’re relatively cheep so it wont break the bank if you throw a couple in your cart. And there is such a variety there is something for everyone..gluten free, vegan, w or w/o nuts, low sodium, low fat, blueberry, banana nut, chocolate chip, double chocolate fudge with peanut butter (not that I know that flavor @ all).. you name it, they make it. I usually keep two flavors of something in the pantry because they’re easy and quick to make.

That night I grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Quick bread… it can be used as several different recipes; bread, waffels, muffins and I think a few others but I dont really want to get up to check, sorry. I pulled out muffin tins because that would be easy to serve. I had the required vegetable oil and eggs (which are both staples in my house too) and I whipped them up in less then 20 minutes. While they were baking I used cream cheese frosting that my sister made, but all it is is (8oz)cream cheese and (1/2cup)powdered sugar, easy! I added nuts to some cakes and dark/white chocolate chips to others and left some plain.

I pulled them out and let them cool on a baking sheet, then I piped the frosting through a plastic sandwich bag onto each cake, finally I smeared the frosting around with a knife to give it better coverage. I served them and they were a hit, even the 5 year old who was there loved them.. and kids don’t lie. Everyone got the flavor they wanted, YAY. So my ‘hosting’ advice to you is to get a few to stash away in the cupboard for a rainy day. I promise it will come in handy next time you have an unexpected crowd.
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