Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iiN THE BEGiiNiiNG...

So this is the first post..

I decided to start the blog because I love to cook. So naturally, I thought I would start a blog that featured different recipes that I like to make. but then I thought about it a bit more and came to realize that even though I consider myself a foodie.. i do need to work out in order to balance my love.

Insert fitness, which is also a big part of my life because I do love to indulge but also because I love it in general. There is nothing like the endorphin rush you get after a great run. Plus I can never say no to a yoga session.. my favorite is Bikram.

Then there are the fun places where my boyfriend and I explore on the weekends or the events that are happening in the area that might peak our interest. “Daycations” are my favorite… we get to escape for the day and can be home in time for dinner (or not?).

So there you have it the four “F’s” Food, Fitness, Fun, and fashion… wait I forgot to mention Fashion? well whats a girl to talk about besides the shoes she just bought and the shirt she wants off so-&-so’s back. Ill try to throw in a little tip or treasure.. maybe a current trend or something I’m craving for.
The four F’s helped me to create the title..and the double ii at the end is sort of a signature feature.
I hope the updates keep you interested and that your feedback helps me grow.

Ciao xo

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