Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How do I wear that??

When I watch fashion shows or read articles in magazines, I sometimes wonder what designers are talking about when they describe their "ready to wear lines." Now, I understand that most designers have a ready to wear line and a couture line. The couture line is usually gowns that are worn to the Academy Awards or suits worn to other classy events. Ready to wear is supposed to be the everyday collection- but I get confused when looking at line sheets, because sometimes the garments are so out of this word that I could never imagine a person wearing it on the street.

Fashion is always revolving. The designer puts out their collections- other designers copy, tweak, change, add, or tone down the look into something they can call their own. And this happens with cuts, colors, styles, and pieces- but for the most part they stem from the Karl Lagerfelds and Alexander Wangs of the world.

Now when I do choose to bring a new design home with me I'm often stumped with what to pair it with. Because even though I might love the Bold shoulder jackets- I don't have silk Gucci pants or the spiked Christian Louboutins that the model paired with the look. My pocketbook wouldn't allow it, nor my everyday life because its not practical. :(

I was indulging in the new issue of Elle the other night I found I great article about the four statement looks for spring. Which I always find enjoyable, so I know what will be fashionable next season. But, this article was even better. I also featured several ways to wear the look (depending on the occasion) and also what to pair it with. Just what I needed!!!

So I have to share the article with you, so you can get fashionably fit for spring too. Enjoy

ciao xo

 I have a houndstooth jacket that would be perfect for this look, I can pair it with a bright silk top and open toe wedges.

  This is my favorite- I have to get a long black maxi and a wide statement belt , then I can pair it with my new oversized bicycle tee and Tstrap flats. A perfect look for the farmers market.

 I have wider hips so this look might work for me and it might not... I'll have to try it on first with a second      opinion beforeI make the purchase.

 I just bought a red dress (should be delivered today!!!) with a pleated skirt I could pair it with my camel colored boots.
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