Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daycation to Mill Valley

The other week the boyfriend and I went on the perfect outing- have you ever been to Mill Valley?
It isn't too far of a drive for us, just a little north of San Francisco across the bridge
We decided to eat at this amazing place with a menu filled with good for you foods. They boast that their chicken is free range, their food is organic, nothing is treated with added hormones, everything is made fresh daily and even their to-go cartons are biodegradable. They really go out of their way to make you feel like your doing a good thing just by being their customer. You can't help but feel like your making a positive change to yourself and the environment just by eating there. The little restaurant is located on the boarder of Mill Valley and Tam Valley- appropriately named Cafe Del Soul.

Yes, I can honestly tell you that the food was Ah-MAZE-ING!!

I decided to get the Cilantro lime-alicious brown rice wrap filled with all kinds of goodies and my boyfriend got the Thai Terrific rice dish (He was nice enough to share a bite- and boy was it tasty). I also tried their pumpkin soup, which was a special for the day- but their soups change often so I'm sure it will cycle again with all this cold weather rolling in. I love finding hidden gems like this spot and it's especially better when I feel good eating there. Eating healthy is really important but sometimes it's difficult when you go out to eat at restaurants. This spot took the guesswork out of the equation and made it so their guests had nothing but healthy items to choose from.

After lunch we went to Stinson Beach, which was a gorgeous drive to the coast and the little town was even cuter. I could say it was the epitome of your Northern California beach town- laid back, slow moving, filled with touristy shops, fun little bars and other eateries.

We decided to share one of their world famous (almost) soft serve ice cream cones. As you can see from the photo above... well the line speaks for itself. We took it onto the dog friendly beach, what a plus! And watched the gorgeous sunset melt behind the ocean line. Maddie had some fun on the sand too- she is a true California girl, she loves the beach!

This is just a photo I took of an old mailbox hidden in the trees. Nothing special, but it was unique in its hiding spot. I like the rust showing through the old paint.

 So when you feel like you need a break from your everyday routine, you should check out some of the neighboring cities where you live. Take a chance, you're sure to see or experience something new. Where are some of the places you like to explore where you live?
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