Wednesday, January 11, 2012

San Pedro Square Market Review

All right, so last time I told you about date night and introduced the new Public Market. I have officially tried every place inside (update: NOT the Little Chef Counter- its always closed when I go) and I really like all of them.

Listed in order of visit...

San Pedro Square Market Bar- had a delicious lemon drop martini. Sweet with a little punch of sour taste.. sugar 'round the rim and a little fresh lemon squeeze.. also the Whisky Sour is strong  but smooth.. also tastes good with the lemon squeeze.

Pizza Bocca Lupo- We have tried the margherita (tomato sauce, motz and basil) and the Diviola (spicy peppers, sausage, spices) The flew the wodd burning oven FROM Italy,, so cool. The crust is uber thin and extra crispy (which I like) The pies cook fast so you get your food quick.. really really good!!

B2 Coffee Shop- I went one morning after a workout and it was just what I craved. I got the Madagascar Vanillia non fat latte and it was fabulous. The flavoring was so creamy and light but it was different from regular vanillia syrup. They even have latte art, cute <3

Vino Vino Wine Bar- Right now our favorite ‘indulgence spot’. A glass of any of their wines and a panini or salad are sure to please- I like the Nutella, Peanut Butter and Banana Panini (hey, I did say indulgent!) and the blend white wine- its sweeter so it balances the panini well. The Ahi Salad is delicious and crisp and fresh. I have also tried the brie cheese and ham panini- that was tasty too. I dont think any will disappoint.

Robbees Falafel- I got the falafel salad but I also tried the falafel sandwich, which is made with lavash bread. They have pickles and peppers in their wraps and their sauces are amazing for on top. But the kicker is their Baklava. Homemade.. and you can taste it. The flavor is sweet and you can taste the honey but there is another sweet flavor that I can't put my finger on... but its good!!

You have to check it out when you get a chance...
What do you hope to open there? I want a fresh flower shop!!
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