Sunday, June 17, 2012


farmers market flowers

swimsuits signal the beginning of summer.

This was one of the first weekends that we didn't really have to do anything, well I didn't have to any way. My boyfriend had a day trip to Santa Barbara for business on Saturday and Father's Day was today. The weather was set to be warm and sunny. It was the perfect combination for a weekend filled with relaxation. I feel like the last few weekends have been a whirlwind and really the only thing I wanted to do this weekend was, be lazy. I missed my usual activities, and made a promise to myself that I would try to slow down. From the pictures you can see my enjoyment from previous weekends. PLUS the rejuvenation project of a ten dollar table we found from a moving sale. Quite the deal of the century.

cupcakes from Icing on the Cake bakery

loved the over grown yard

I was able to catch up on reading some of my favorite magazines while laying outside, Saturday after work. Then ran a few errands and picked up my hunny from the airport that evening. Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast at home and then a trip tot he local farmers market. easy breakfast idea- an Ezekiel Brand english muffin with a TBSP of Almond and Flax Seed butter and smashed bananas on top. It weighed in at 210 calories and filled me up till 1. pretty easy meal, if you ask me...

organic vegetables from the Veggie Box

flowers from the farmers market

We rode our bikes to the farmers market in Japantown to pick up fruit for the week. We don't get our vegetables there that often. Ever since the Veggie Box opened in the San Pedro market we don't shop anywhere else, we cant find cheaper organic produce anywhere. Later in the day we headed to our bbq, which was delightful and very filling. My mom brought her famous blueberry salad
:: spinach, blueberries, cheese of your choice (Gorgonzola, feta, blue..) pecans, raspberry vinaigrette::

Sitting here on my couch reminisceing about my weekend, it was just what the doctor ordered. I got to relax and enjoy some of my old weekend activities... plus it was the perfect way to spend the last of my time with the boyfriend.. he leaves me for two weeks on a "boys excursion" what will I do for that long!??  ha ha ha ill tell you what.. eat Ben and Jerry's right from the carton, watch the Real Housewives marathon on Bravo and enjoy the fact that I could have breakfast for dinner each night if I really wanted. But really, Maddie and I will miss him like crazy. Before he leaves on a trip i always stuff his bags with little notes. I figure if I miss him this much and get to be at home, it must be harder missing us and being away. So when he sees my notes, I hope it makes him smile.

Also I got this pretty amazing cupcake cutter, that I really want to try. I'm thinking that a German chocolate cupcake with a coconut caramel center and chocolate ganache topping might be in order.. but who knows i might do half with the topping and the filling reversed, just to see which I like better. And below is the rehabilitation project of the table we found in Los Gatos. We needed a new end table in the living room and I had wanted room for a blanket basket- so this seemed like a good idea. Since then, Maddie has assumed that the blanket basket was set up for her and has taken it as a bed.


After (sanded and re-finished)
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