Monday, June 18, 2012

Wine tasting {{part one}}

in the barrel room
  As I told you before, I had a wonderful trip to Napa Valley a few weeks ago, I had never been. On our trip we were able to visit two wineries, Silver Oak and Darioush winery- both were exquisite. Silver Oak had more of an old world vibe in their decor and Darioush had a very glitzy, high- class feel. After admiring the first winery and enjoying a complimentary tour we got to sample some of their classics. Gorgeous grounds, especially the vines, they were lush and green and looked to be right off of a wine label. If you are in the area and love a good Cab, I highly reccomend their place.  I felt a little funny having a glass of wine before noon, but as they say... do as the Romans do

view of the property

:: me with my cupcake tray ::
Lulu dress from Therapy, swarovski havaianas sandals

Jackie had the most gorgeous nails that day. A deep coral color with gold tips. Which she explained to me to be much easier to do than it looks. I love to have pretty nails, but I didn't believe that I could do them myself (because I'm terribly uncoordinated). And I don't always want to pay extra at the nail salon.
Turns out it only takes a few steps.
1) paint you base color x 2
    2) use a make-up sponge with a small amount of glitter
nail polish on one end and dab the tip of your nail.
3) start to dab about 3/4 of the way out on your nail
and concentrate it more as you get closer to the edge.

It creates the perfect ombre effect because the porous surface of the sponge doesn't allow too much glitter to rub off when you apply it tot he nail.

I don't know which shines more..

We decided to head to the Oxbow Market and check out the competition for San Jose's new market. For lunch we dined at the the Kitchen Door and I had a wonderful soft shell crab sandwich. It had just the right amount of crunch and salty flavor, but the dressing that came with it was cool and creamy and added just the right of smooth to every bite. Totally not on the regular menu, but it was a special occasion so I thought it would be acceptable. The market was very eclectic inside and reminded me of a future San Pedro Square Market. i hope ours will be as successful. It had everything inside from cheeses to spices to coffees and ice creams. It really did hold quite a few vendors, who I would be interested in seeing again. I also liked the layout of the interior, it seemed as though all the shops were crowded together but still had a comfortable flow throughout the stands.

bloody mary, sweet potato fries, crab sammy

Oxbow Cheese Market

baked delights
"it's ok, they're organic"
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