Tuesday, June 19, 2012

wine tasting {{part two}}

The winery that we visited after lunch was Darioush and it was breath taking. Right when we pulled up we thought that it looked more like a royal palace than a winery. It was designed and built using many different materials from all over the world, and boasts its influenced design. "Reminiscent of the great noble architecture that once existed, the imagery of the Darioush building evokes Persepolis, the illustrious capital of ancient Persia" The gift shop that is housed inside the tasting room is more like a pop up Barney's Boutique. With uniques finds from Missoni, an assortment of crystal champagne flutes and serving dishes, multiple high profile biography novels, and other classic home and entertaining goods, you could finish up your Holiday shopping in one swoop.

After a beautiful tour of the grounds and the buildings, our host took us down into the cellar where he had prepared a wine and cheese pairing with 5 of their special release and library wines. Out of all of my favorites the Merlot was my favorite and I had to take home a bottle at the end of the night. I'll save it for a special occasion however, before I taste it again. Aside from the wine being delicious, the tasting room was very extravagant. In middle eastern culture the term my home is your home is more of a way of life, than just a saying stitched on a hanging tapestry. Our host made it very clear that the owner wants you to enjoy your time there and everything is put in place to make you feel as welcome as possible. If you're in Napa and you feel like vacationing to another part of the world I hope you get the chance to experience Darioush Winery.

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