Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fitness and Travel

Sometimes its hard to keep your motivation up when you're on vacation. But your body will thank you when you return home, if you keep at it even when you're on the road. When we are away from home we always like to try and get a workout in because it helps us stay on track with the rest of our routine. If you go for a jog in the morning, you are more likely going to grab some fruit and eggs for breakfast instead of doubling up on the pancakes. It just makes you feel better.
On a side note, but still connected with healthy eating, one of my coworkers recently switched up his eating habits. He began with a "clean" diet on Monday and was really feeling good about himself.  Then he went out to dinner with his fiance's family to an Itallian food restaurant. The next day at work and he told me he had the lasagna of course and how horrible he was feeling. I asked him if it was because he felt guilty for eating it and not sticking to his new clean eating routine. But he said it was because he could literally feel the food sitting in his stomach. I tell this to people all the time, once you start giving your body clean food it is so important not surprise it with a "bad" meal- because you can feel your body rejecting the fuel.

1. Pack the right clothing

When I travel I always pack a pair of running shoes, yoga pants and a couple sports tops. I can usually manage with these items and keep a rotation going. I choose thin material garments so I don't use too much space in my luggage.  Because let's face it, who wants to waste all that room on workout gear when it could be filled with cute vacation clothes. So be smart when you pack, think "what do I really need, and can I reuse this after a rinse in the shower".

2. Know your location.

When you know where you're going, its easy to tailor your activities to what is available to you. Livestong is a great site for finding trails, running routes, and biking locations. But, even a simple Google search will tell you if there is a high school in the area with a track. If that's not your idea of fun, then see if you can find any community parks near to where you're staying. Many parks  nowadays have gym equipment installed near the play structures. Create your own work out with the pull up bars or balance beams. Some even have self rotating elliptical machines, sure they aren't powered but from experience at the gym you should know about how many calories you burn each hour- I do about 700-800 cals.

3. Workout in the room

If you're pressed for time, maybe a 20 minute High Intensity workout is a better fit. Have a jump rope on hand ( about $5 to $10) it is a great cardiovascular workout and warm up to any routine. Start with some weightless activities, unless you brought some- they're always good to incorporate into any workout. Squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, burpees, and planks are all great to incorporate with one another for an entire body workout. For the more advanced athlete you could try hand stand push ups, double unders, or jumping squats. Note: Be conscious of the other hotel guests... No jumping before 7 am.

4. Eat right, take a tip from my co-worker

When you are away on vacation don't just give up on your regular eating habits and go willy nilly. I agree that when your on vacation its ok to splurge a little, but not at every meal.. you'll hate yourself when you get home and have to get back on track. If you know you'll be eating out for dinner, opt for fruit and wheat toast for breakfast. Or if you skipped breakfast have a nutritious spinach and cranberry salad at lunch to pump your body full of vitamins. You don't have to eat fast food everytime your away from home. Most places offer many healthy alternatives on their menus- so you can keep clean. But if you have to be naughty I suggest the Turkey burgers from Carl's Jr, at around 450 cals they're packed with protein and won't undo your hard work. Another BIG TIP is to remember to drink MORE water than you do on a regular basis.

Enjoy your trip. Ciao xx

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