Saturday, June 23, 2012

Size does matter...

No, this isn't a post about those annoying info-mercials. This is something that you should use to educate yourself with. Most people don't know the proper amount of food they should be eating for their body size, and unfortunately people are eating way too much food.  Did you know that from the late 70's to today, the daily average intake of calories has increased by over 500 calories. If one pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, then that equates to people gaining an extra pound PER WEEK!!! And if you aren't active enough to burn off those extra calories, then they just stick with you.

This article that I found in Fitness magazine, is all about the correct portion sizes and what you should realistically be eating in one sitting. There are a few tricks that I use when I'm eating out, because everyone knows restaurant portions are way too big. I know that the palm of my hand in equal to 3 oz and that my entire hand is 5 oz. I try to use it to measure my steak or chicken, so I know when to stop. Sometimes I ask for half of my entree to be packed in a to go box even before I've started my food. And my favorite is to always order a salad before, that way I fill up of healthy veggies while everyone is noshing on the bread basket.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Get outside and go for a hike, bike ride or just a walk... The weather int he Bay is going to be beautiful, I know I will for sure be outside soaking it all in.

xx ciao

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