Friday, June 8, 2012

Oreo Hazelnut Truffles

This dessert is so decadent, I don’t know if you should even try it because you won’t be able to limit yourself to just four?? Heaven knows I wasn't able to. I pop them like M&M's- I do like to make them on the smaller side, for that very reason. They are very simple to make and only require 3 ingredients (4, if your are adding a flavor).

I like to give them as gifts at holiday time or as special gifts for close friends who just cant get enough. They are also great as hostess gifts… because you can whip them up fairly quickly, if you are invited somewhere last minute. I always try to decorate my packaging, because I believe presentation is just as important as the item you created. I like to make my packaging look effortless, not over the top or over done…

All you need for the truffles is a large package of jo-jo’s from trader Joes (they are the equivalent of Oreos, but I like the texture of them better) some non fat cream cheese and chocolate chips, I like dark. This time around, I made hazelnut truffles and used the Justin’s Hazelnut Butter for the filling.

Grab 2 gallon sized plastic bags and put all the cookies into one and then put that bag into the other, this part can get messy if you don’t double up. With a rolling pin, crush all the cookies then shake the bag and repeat. Do this until all the cookies are crushed into crumbs- NO LUMPS!! Pour your crumbs into a bowl and add two Tablespoons of the cream cheese and start mixing. Add more cream cheese if the mixture is too stiff. If you are adding a flavor, like a butter or bananas, put one Tablespoon of cream cheese and one Tablespoon of the other ingredient at a time. Again, if it is too dry add one spoonful of each ingredient until it forms the consistency you’re looking for. You want it to be moist enough to roll into balls and stay together, but not loose their shape after you set them down on a tray.

Let them chill in the refrigerator for a half an hour or so…. You want them cold when you drop them into your melted chocolate. I just put the bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips into a pan and let them melt (set your range on medium). Drop 5 or 6 in at a time, roll them around so they’re fully coated and pull them out with tongs. Put them back on your baking sheet and back into the fridge. I like to put sprinkles on top for color, but they taste just as good when they’re plain.

I used clothing boxes and formed a holder out of aluminum foil to set inside. Tissue paper was rolled for the edge where the foil doesn’t quite meet the box. Then I just tied some red raffia around the top after I boxed them up. Perfect!! xx
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