Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summertime Style

Summer is here, and I am so excited!!

 Summertime is a great season for showing off all your hard work in the gym. Unlike the winter when all your cute outfits have to hide under big coats, summer is a time when you get the flaunt all that you have. There are so many different combinations of outfits; shorts/tanks, skirts/v-necks, dresses/platforms, and of course the ultimate cut off denim short (a staple) paired with anything. I have picked up a few new summer items but I know I'll never truly be finished lusting over the new designs. 

As I have been reading some of my favorite blogs, I can’t help but fall in love with some of the outfits that they are putting together. Some of their posts are reminding me of other sunny outfit choices that I was forgetting on my shopping list. I always pull inspiration from what they wear in their posts. I like to have a different look for what I am feeling at the moment. I couldn't really pin point one style that I tend to follow, there are far too many that I love. 

Taylor from SterlingStyle, has such a classic California girl image. Her looks are so easy and carefree- I love her simple tank and cuffed jeans... this is perfect for a trip to the boardwalk, farmers market or even a low key date night out to listen to music downtown. Plus her bag is amazing.
Bella from Vintage Lollipops, adds just the right amount of edge to her button up blouse. Whenever you add a pair of Chuck Taylors to an outfit it instantly makes it seem more casual- even if it’s a dress (one of my favorite things to do) plus the cut-offs add to the grunge a little... but the flowers in her shots balance it out.
Joanna (my girl) from Style Porn, is the perfect blend of hipster meets rich girl <jk>. Bottom line..She’s a boss and she knows it. Playing up the country girl image with the truck in the background really does make the perfect shot to showcase that amazing full skirt. I like how she knotted her chambray top in the front. My summer checklist is for sure going to include a chambray top and colorful full skirt.
Megan from Megan & Melbourne, is such an amazing makeup artist. I love getting tips from her site, but what I love more is that this girl isn’t afraid to push the limits... isn’t that what fashion is all about? Pairing a simple black summer dress that you wore in the day, with tights for the evening is an easy way to transition your outfit without any major changes. I want to look into getting some patterned ones for this season.
Rumi from Fashion Toast has a very girly/romantic vibe with the way she dresses. In the outfit I featured- I love her bubble skirt mixed with sky high platforms. I can’t wait to wear it out to a GNO (girls’ night out) dinner. Plus I can throw on a tailored blazer to keep the look chic, classic and simple.
Denni from ChicMuse has been anywhere and everywhere. So if you're looking for a new trend, she would be your girl. Whenever she travels she always tries to embrace the culture and dress, all while still being true to her own style. The beautiful sundress that she wears in the shot is one that I instantly fell in love with. In the summer I gravitate toward dresses because they're such an easy outfit and there isn't any guess work.. just accessories to add. I also can’t wait to bring out my "too big for your face" sunglasses- the perfect summertime accessory out here in California.

so readers... what are some of your summer must haves?


Vintage Lollipops

Style Porn

Megan & Melbourne

Fashion Toast


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