Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Madewell with love ♥

Just got the new Lucky Magazine yesterday and I have already read it cover to cover. The March issue has everything and anything you would want to know about Spring style. From color pallets to denim lengths and it even has a great spread about all the most popular shoes, I'm a sucker for shoes. These are a few of the styles that caught my attention. Now, I just have to get my pocket book to agree...

But the BEST article was the article about Kin Ying Lee, Madewell's head designer. If you ask any girl in the Bay Area, you can be sure that most have at least one design from Madewell. It is a great clothing company filled with classic, well-made pieces or as Lucky writes... "how-did-I-ever-live-without this-urban-chic-essentials" line. This woman is remarkable when it comes to her design lines (Her husband is J.Crew menswear designer, Dan Perna- talk about a power couple) The article is a behind the scenes look into her home in Brooklyn. I love all the eclectic decorations that they have collected over the years and original artwork she has lining the walls.

Enjoy the scans from the magazine.
xo Ciao

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