Friday, February 10, 2012

While on a Walk: Farmers Market

My day to day life during the week is pretty routine. I workout in the morning before the sun comes up, I walk to work, and when I come home I eat dinner and pass out on the couch haha. I wear boring clothes to work (I'm a personal banker and I usually have to dress very conservative). I also don't go out late on "school nights", because I have to wake up early for the next day. So when weekend rolls around, I like to break the cycle and do something fun, wear something new, go somewhere out of the ordinary or just go on a walk with my unit- AKA my dog and my boyfriend.

Spring is coming...

I wish I could take this home, but Mother Nature wouldn't like that
On Sundays, I like to get up early and walk to the Farmers Market in Japantown, mentioned here. My boyfriend will usually put up with it because he knows he'll get a treat out of it. We stopped at this cute coffee shop on the way. Roy's Station used to be a gas station, but it was refurbished into a great local hangout. We grabbed a couple of hot drinks and this yummy veggie pumpkin bread while walking to the market. If something catches my eye in any of the store fronts, I always take a peak. One of Maddie's favorite stores is Biscuits, the cutest dog store that offers everything from all natural treats to adorable clothes and even birthday cakes. 
Maddie hoping for a bite...

New yummies for the week

I took some photos of this classic Chevy and even posed for my boyfriend while he snapped a few. All the while, the owner of the car was right across the street watching the whole thing, and we had no idea? OOPS good thing we made sure to look and not touch. As soon as we finished with the impromptu shoot, we saw the owner move the car to his driveway and we just laughed at ourselves.

I have always been a sucker for a Chevrolet

dress- Forever 21, sweater- OLD Abercrombie & Fitch, sandals- Slim Havaianas,
bag- Chanel, glasses- Electrics, watch- Michael Kors

kinda like my name...
Have a great weekend.... xo
P.S. check out this site for a farmers market in your area.
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