Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh for the L♥ve of Louboutins

I don't know why I am so in love with these shoes. Maybe it's the exotic designs or the beautiful materials and colors... orrrrr maybe its the sky high platforms or the fabulous red sole that just screams "you need to look at my feet now!" Whatever it is that makes these shoes so coveted; has obviously caught up with the rest of the world. Everyone from celebrities, to executives to fashion bloggers have been seen in the famous red sole.

I just got the new Marie Claire March issue and there is a great article about the man himself, Christian Louboutin. I also got the new Rachel Ray magazine and its full of great DIY projects. One, I like in particular is a paint project for painting the bottom of your shoes. Even if you wouldn't want to paint your shoes red in order to try and pass them for the famous brand. It's still a fun idea for spring- bright colors are all the rage right now.  wow, using that phrase makes me think of the 80's. Well, they say fashion always repeats itself, so I guess I'm keeping all my Spice Girl shoes.

Please enjoy this great article, but don't let it "inspire" you to embezzle money and buy a few pairs at Neiman's. you'll understand once you read the interview 

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!! Yay for Presidents and Banking. xo

Marie Claire spread

Rachel Ray article

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