Friday, February 3, 2012

Sister Day

Its really horrible to say that my sister and I live less than a mile away from each other and yet we have to schedule time to see one another. ok.. ok... cut me some slack, we both have busy lives and setting a date and sticking to it is easier than spontaneously deciding to see one another,, which never works.

So on one of our day dates the other weekend we decided that a trip to The City was just what we needed on a sunny day. I guess I should clarify everyone in the bay area calls San Francisco, "the city."

My sister and dog vintage shopping in Haight and Ashbury
Some rockin' skates... I wish they had my size
Ok so this is my first attempt at an outfit post... I really didn't know what I was doing. so don't laugh. Hopefully Ill get better at being photographed or maybe I can figure another way to display my clothes?

tank- Free People, blouse- Target, jeans- Siwy, boots- Steve Madden, watch- Michael Kors, glasses- Electric,
bag- Marc Jacobs, bracelets- Chan Lau 

This guy was so cool... just hanging out on a street corner, writing poetry.

After shopping, we decided that a trip to the Marina might be in order. Especially because my sisters work has a location there... and really who isn't in the mood for a cupcake. We walked around and looked at all the gorgeous homes that we cant afford... but we wished really hard...

The beautiful boats at the dock area in the Marina District
Cant wait for the next one...

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