Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty Things

When you visit your grandmas, don't you feel like a kid again? It's not so bad that she pinches your cheeks and treats you like a 7 year old especially if that means spoiling you with ice cream or treats when you're out.

After visiting my Grandma, I couldn't help help but have a feeling of warmth inside from reminiscing over all the old memories. My sister and I have so many funny stories that we keep replaying over in our heads, that have happened throughout the years while at grandma's house. She lives in Nevada, so it really is over the river and through the woods. She is adorable. She gets her hair done Mondays, volunteering on Tuesdays, manicures on Wednesdays, Church on Sundays- She's a classy lady, we even went to tea while visiting. Her house is so shabby chic inside, everything is constantly on display. My grandma is so fashionable and has taught me a lot over the years.

Some of my favorite life lessons...

1. Why cook at home? Especially, when their are infinite restaurants and chefs that would be happy to do it for you.
2. If there isn't enough ice cream left in the carton for a sundae... then just eat out right out of the container.
3. Remember that you are always going to be a strong woman, but if a guy wants to open the door for you, let him.
4. Just when you think you have finished decorating a room, you find something more to be done.
5. Flea Markets, vintage shops, antique stores and garage sales are full of treasures waiting to be found.

Antique phone in the guest room

Sparkle-y things at the bed side

cool opera glasses

 Chanel Eau de parfum

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