Wednesday, February 29, 2012

cupcakes and smiles

The other weekend the boyfriend and I had the pleasure of babysitting his adorable nieces. We played at the park for hours, then rode the lightrail to this adorable cupcake shop (yum) then got Chinese take out from our favorite place and fell asleep under our blanket- made tent. All in all, it was such a fun adventure and we would be happy to lend our services anytime. :)

you try saying no to them..

After finishing the babysittin' gig we headed out for the Central Valley, because my boyfriend had some work to do- and I love to tag along. I do some very serious people watching when in the Central Valley, everyone is just... different. Our drive over was beautiful and calm, and we had some delicious BBQ. Unfortunately, we didn't check the weather and an unexpected rain storm caught up with us.


turned to this..



delicious sweet potato/carrot salad from Whole Foods and my favorite Turkey Meatballs. Kale Chips for snacking.
Have you tried Kale Chips? This brand is my favorite because they come in such great, tasty flavors. It's about 300cals per bag and for the flavor- the Sodium is not high. Between the two of us, we finish off a bag usually before we even get home from Whole Foods, lol.

look to the right and you'll see a wedding chapel on wheels.
I guess if you're a trucker you might want to 'get hitched' in more ways than one.

Outfit Post take at Bear Creek Inn

glasses- Dior, sweater- Obey, shirt-Gap, belt- vintage, jeans- Butter, shoes- Toms

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