Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Food for your Friday

While I was at Starbucks this morning, the barista asked if she could tweak my usual latte a bit. When I accepted her offer she told me "it's OK to indulge a little on Fridays." and you know what... it is.

This post has been sitting in my queue for a while and because of my Starbucks visit from this A.M. I think it's high time to post it. This sandwich in so indulgent, and when I say indulgent I mean "not diet friendly"
But if you split it with a friend/ pawn the other half off, it's a great treat for lunch.

Recipe for my favorite sweet sandwich
I bought a small round loaf of sourdough (ultimate cheat) and toasted it a pan.

After your bread is finished toasting on each side, get ready to spread!
That's a little packet of Justins Hazelnut butter
That company makes the yummiest nut butters and they are always introducing new flavor combinations.

As you can see from the photos, just spread each side with some hazelnut butter and layer the bananas right on top. Then top your sandwich, and dot forget to smoosh it together so sticks really well. ;)

Maddie hoping for a bite

gone :)
not your typical wine glasses
from Sur La Table

have a delicious weekend!!
P.S. don't forget about the S.F. flea tomorrow and Sunday
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